Issue building permits

The building permit is an enforceable administrative act permitting the execution of the building works provided for in the accompanying studies on a plot, provided that such works are in accordance with the applicable provisions.
Building permit is required for both private and public works, and generally for any project such as: New property construction , Adding a vertical or horizontal segment to an existing building, Repair or reinforcement of an existing building, Change of building usage, Soil configurations, Fences, Cutting trees, etc.
It is issued from the competent planning offices of the country, whether they belong to the Ministry of the Environment Physical Planning and Public Works or to the local authorities A and B .

Having the experience both in document operation for urban planning authorities and in the study, supervision and construction of building projects, we undertake the issuance of all types of building permits such as:

• Construction Approval
• Building permit
• Issue of a small scale work permit
• Issuance of a permit to operate under article 4, paragraph 3 of Law 4067/12 (48 hour notice)


• The elaboration of the Architectural studies and plans
• The elaboration of Static calculations and drawings
• The elaboration of mechanical engineering studies and drawings
• The approvals collection , where required, from all other services and administrative bodies. (Archeology etc.)
• The filing and handling of the urban planning file until the issue of the permit

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