The are many technical problems that can occur in any property. The most common one is the humidity problem. The presence of moisture on our property (Apartment - Home - Store) has significant consequences both for the property itself and its users. This is why, quick diagnosis of the problem and radical resolution of the problem are necessary.

The primary concern should be to correctly identify the source of the problem. In this way it would be easier to understand why moisture has been created and a targeted solution can be given for it's elimination. At Structural, having years of construction experience and using the latest technology tools (eg FLIR MR176),we are able to quickly and effectively diagnose the source of the problem, while giving our customers the most suitable and cost-effective construction solution.

So if you have moisture problems like:

• Moisture spots or stains on the roof of your apartment
• See moisture on walls or floors
• Appearance of black spots or appearance of mold
• Water leaks from the point where there are no water facilities

We can help you find the cause of the problem in time, suggest effective and economical ways of resolving the problem, and of course to fix the moisture problem with our own teams.

The process we follow is simple:

1. We have a communication with the client. The client explain to us what is the moisture problem is facing.
2. An experienced engineer of our company, will autopsy on the property that is experiencing the humidity problem, and with modern technology tools will make moisture measurements until the source of the problem is found.

3. Finally, a technical report will be drawn up, where:
• The problem of humidity and the reason for its creation will be presented
• The most appropriate way to deal with the problem will be analyzed
• The process of restoring the problem with the financial cost will be analyzed