Taking advantage of the properties we own can be a springboard for our economic prosperity. This is why, proper management and targeted development are essential tools for our real estate properties exploitation .

In Structural, due to our long presence in the "real estate market" and our involvement in the development, management and implementation of many construction projects, we provide to our potential clients, comprehensive services for the exploitation of their properties..

What do we need from you?

• To show us your property

What do we do for you?

• We evaluate your property.
• We suggest possible invasive solutions to promote it.
• We undertake the organization and planning of all possible construction works for your property
• We do exploitation scenarios for your property with qualitative and economic data.
• We undertake the promotion and management of your property. (Leases - Sales - Rents - Property promotion via Airbnb, etc.)
• We analyze the real estate market
• We investigate and review all the urban planning regulations for your property
• We provide you with tax and legal advice on the exploitation of your real estate property.
• We take the role of a scientific adviser when integrating your property into a development program