Regularization of arbitrary Constructions


The properties we own possess a large percentage of our personal and family wealth. However, in ourdays, this wealth can not be exploited if our properties (residences - apartments - business premises and even parcels) are not lawful with urban planning principles.

Under Law 4178/2013, property owners are allowed to settle arbitrary parts of their legally existing property, even settle their totaly illegal property (without building permit).
The settlement of arbitrary is in value for 30 years, and it is possible to completly legitimized , with building permit issue, when the arbitrariness does not violate the urban building conditions of the area.

In our company we undertake the arrangement of arbitrary constructions, arbitrary buildings or arbitrary uses of your property, under Law 4178/13. The engineers of our company, with many years of experience in design and construction, (Certified Building inspectors from the Ministry of Environment and Energy), will inform you in detail about your property and process lawfully, quickly and with absolute transparency the process of settling arbitrariness.

Four simple steps for arranging arbitrary