Certificates of non-arbitrariness for real estate properties

The Engineer's certificate of non-arbitrariness is legally indispensable for any real estate transaction, even if it is an unstructured plot. In Structural we udertake all the necessary procedures for issuing a certificate of non-arbitrary under Law 4178/13 as well as the collection of all necessary documents required for the completion of any property transfer.

The process we follow has three simple steps :

1. Firstly, the collection of all necessary documents required from your urban building authority, must to be made. (Building permit - Floor plans – etc.)
2. Then an autopsy is performed by an experienced engineer (Certified Building Inspector from the Ministry of Environment and Energy) at your property
3. Within 24 hours of the autopsy, the engineer's certificate of non-arbitrary of your property is issued through the electronic platform of the Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE)
This certificate is obligatorily attached to all notarial acts (other than the acceptance of inheritance) and is issued in three types depending the case.:

1. A certificate concerning any real estate property which is legally valid under the building permit.
2. Certificate relating to real estate property of which arbitrary constructions have been declared in accordance with Law 4178/13
3. Certification concerning unstructured plots. It is assured that in the transferred land / parcel there is no building or some arbitrary construction..