Operation licenses for shops and stores

Since May 18, 2017, based on Ministerial Decision No. 16228 (FEK 1723 Issue B), the licensing system for stores and shops has been simplified. Now, the waste of time to collect all required documents belongs to the past. The pre-approval and licensing procedures are replaced by an attestation of establishment of the company at a specific location and by a business notification of the operation respectively.

This, of course, does not mean that we can do any kind of business we want in any place we want. There are laws and ministerial decisions that state what work can be done, where it can be done and under what conditions it can be done..

In our company "Structural", we undertake to issue your business operating license quickly, legally and effectively because:

• We know the legislation
• We know the process

The business licenses we undertake are:

• Licensing of companies such as: Schools - Tuition Centers - Dance Schools - Gyms, etc.
• Issuance of licenses for the operation of health interest stores such as: Cafes - Internet cafes - Bars - Snack Bars - Restaurants - Taverns - Grill Restaurants - Refineries - Grocers - Fruit Shops - Bakeries - Confectioneries etc.
• Issuance of licenses for the provision of health service such as: Hairdressers - Beauty institutes - Hand and foot care shops - Tattoo workshops etc.
• License renewal of stores of sanitary interest
• Issuance of license for Medical practice office - Dental practice office etc. κ.λ.π