The energy performance certificate (Π.Ε.Α.), or energy certificate, is a document recognized by the Ministry of the Environment, issued by an energy inspector, which records the energy efficiency and consumption of a building or a building unit (eg a single apartment in a building). It is essentially the energy identity of a building or a building unit since it includes energy consumption per consumption source and per fuel..

Since 2013 on the basis of Law 4122, the energy performance certificate is mandatory

• Upon construction completion of any new or radically renovated building or building unit.
• In every sale - purchase of a building or a building unit (eg Apartment)
• In any rental of a building or building unit
• To integrate and implement the program «Εξοικονόμηση Κατ΄ Οίκον».

At Structural, we undertake to issue an Energy Performance Certificate for your home or business, responsible quickly and economically. At the same time with the issue of the energy certificate, we also propose the best possible ways upgrading your property in order to make it more energy economical and upgrade it's value.

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