Integration and implementation of the program:
“ Εξοικονομώ Κατ’ οίκον ”

earn money by improving the energy consumptions of your house

"Εξοικονομώ κατ' οίκον" is a co-funded program that provides incentives for beneficiaries to make the most important interventions to improve energy consumptions of their home while contributing to the country's energy and environmental goals. The program have to do with properties that have a building permit or other legitimative document, are located in areas with a cost per unit area of less than or equal to 2,100 € / m2, used as a home, classified under an Energy Performance Certificate (CER) Of D and whose owners meet specific income criteria. In particular, the program includes seven categories of incentives, in which the beneficiaries are based on their income. Grant rates are staggered, with the highest corresponding to lower incomes. Also, the aid rates are increased by 5% per protected member.

The works that owners may incur on the advice of energy inspectors are: replacement of window and shading systems, installation of thermal insulation in the building perimeter and upgrading of the heating and hot water supply system.
The maximum eligible budget for the works is up to 250 euros per square meter, up to a maximum of 25,000 euros. In simple words, an apartment of 100 sq. m. can be financed with aid up to 25,000 euros. A residence of 50 sq.m. will be aided for 12,500 euros .


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